Paw Care paw balm for dogs

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Organic coconut oil: has an antibacterial effect and also contains valuable amino acids, vitamins and trace elements that help to take good care of the dog's paws that are subject to a lot of strain.

Organic shea butter: ideally supports this effect by creating a protective layer around the pad without blocking the natural breathing of the dog's paws.

Organic beeswax: as the third core ingredient, is another superpower of nature. Full of valuable vitamin A, which supports natural cell structure, beeswax significantly helps with regeneration.

Organic macadamia nut oil & organic argan oil: particularly helpful against dry and brittle areas.

Organic rose geranium: tightens the tissue, has a wound-healing effect and has a pain-relieving effect.

Content: 100ml - 3.38 FL.O

Application: Apply the paw care generously to the dog's paws. You can repeat this treatment for several days. Leave a little bit left for your own skin.

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