Dog sleeping places

When dogs sleep, they dream of a comfortable but stylish dog bed, a cozy dog ​​basket or a practical dog cushion for their favorite spot. Are you looking for an orthopedic dog bed? Our selection makes dreams come true.



Reichhaltiges Hundeshampoo und vegane HundebĂŒrste fĂŒr einen entspannten Hund.
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Frequently asked questions about dog sleeping places

In order to find the right dog bed for your dog, you should first pay attention to the size and age of your dog. Soft dog cushions are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes, while an orthopedic dog bed is particularly recommended for dogs with joint problems or back problems. When choosing, pay attention to fairly produced dog beds and stylish dog accessories in order to make a good choice both visually and ecologically.

Fairly produced dog beds rely on environmentally friendly materials and sustainable production processes. This protects the environment and reduces the ecological footprint. With the purchase of a fairly produced dog bed, you also support companies that pay attention to fair working conditions and environmentally friendly production. Oftentimes, these beds are also of high quality, providing your dog with a long-lasting, comfortable place to sleep.

Soft dog cushions should be cleaned regularly to ensure hygiene and a comfortable sleeping environment for your dog. When buying, make sure that the cover is removable and washable. Stylish dog baskets can be cleaned with a damp cloth, depending on the material. If necessary, you can also use mild detergents. Make sure the detergent is completely removed to avoid irritating your dog's skin.