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Our program for dogs in need. With every purchase, 1% of your purchase amount will be credited to AnotherWalk*3 account.

When two are happy ...

... a third rejoices with them. That is the promise we have made to ourselves. Animal welfare means a lot to us. Giving a voice to dogs who have none, even more. We have been involved in the welfare of disadvantaged dogs and other animals for a long time. That's why we think it's a triple joy when a dog in need gets to share in the joy when an order is placed with TheOtherWalk.euen ...

AnotherWalk*3 is our program for disadvantaged dogs. For every purchase you make at TheOtherWalk, 1% of your purchase amount will be credited to the AnotherWalk*3 account. At the end of each year we will transfer the amount to an animal welfare organization on behalf of all TheOtherWalk customers. Periodically we will offer you special promotions with additional percentages that will benefit AnotherWalk*3.

We'll keep you up to date via Instagram and our newsletter. And we'll tell you stories about the pelt-noses who are sharing in the joy with you and your dog. We're passionate about making the dog world a better place, and we're so happy that you're a part of it.


NF foundation for happy dogs and people, Schweiz

Our animal welfare dogs are very close to our hearts. Every day we do our best to help them regain confidence and enjoy their lives in a family that is suitable for them. This is our daily work. With Shared Joy is Double Joy! Through the support of AnotherWalk*3 even triple!

Evolución Animal, Merida Mexiko

In Mexico, many dogs live on the streets. We support organizations that take in these dogs and foster them with lots of love. Another Walk*3 also makes sterilization campaigns possible. This relieves needy families financially and ensures that no more puppies end up on the streets.


Design and quality

Design and qualityThat our products are "good to the world" is our promise to ourselves. What do we mean by this? We mean that we only offer products that are made by people who have the same passion for animal welfare as we do. From the idea to the production, this should always remain the highest credo.

In the selection of our products, we pay special attention to sustainability, quality materials and workmanship. Many of our products are made from organic and recycled materials and fabrics. In this way, we help to protect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions. Our offer is verified with certified environmental and social standards. In our store you will find both local brands with high sustainability standards and big brands that pay attention to fair employment conditions in their production facilities.