Dog bed Sleepy Deluxe Teddy

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Durable design dog bed in cozy teddy fabric with an edge for laying your head down and cuddling up made from sustainable, washable materials. Thanks to the dimensionally stable mattress, the dog basket does not sag even after years of use.

  • Dog bed with edge (all around)
  • Dog mattress does not sag thanks to vertically quilted chambers
  • Dog bed washable in the washing machine
  • Duvet cover with real sheep's wool
  • Handcrafted luxury dog ​​bed
  • Minimalist, timeless design
  • Also available as an XXL dog bed (dogs up to around 45 kg)
  • Interchangeable covers available in many colors and materials

All sizes in cm (L x W x H)

Size S external dimensions 75x55x22
Mattress* 55x35x10
Weight dog** approx. 2 - 8 kg
Size S+ external dimensions 80x60x22.5
Mattress* 70x50x10
Weight dog** approx. 7 - 14 kg
Size M external dimensions 90x70x23
Mattress* 75x55x10
Weight dog** approx. 12 - 25 kg
Size L external dimensions 115x95x24
Mattress* 95x75x10
Weight dog** approx. 23 - 45 kg
* Pure lying area approx. 5% less due to the overhang of the surrounding side cushions.
** Weights are a rough guide - they may vary depending on the dog's proportions.

The Cloud7 classic dog bed since 2010: The Sleepy design dog bed was awarded the Eco Excellence Award in 2013 because the components are not only durable, but also sustainable. All duvet covers are designed to be robust, washable and retain their look for many years. Thanks to the special chamber system of the mattress, which is individually filled by hand, the luxury dog ​​bed is dimensionally stable and is complemented by four individual chambers and a low-noise edge made of the smallest beads that are normally used for nursing pillows. If you no longer like the duvet cover of the high-quality dog ​​bed, there are numerous replacement covers in different colors and materials..

Relation: Sheep wool and polyester mix
Mattress: Latex and polyester flakes mix
Side chambers: Plastic granules, heat-resistant
Detail: Genuine leather handle
Cover, chambers: Wash at 30 degrees on a delicate wash with the Velcro fastener closed.
Mattress: 30 degrees delicate wash (not suitable for tumble drying)

Delivery time 1-3 working days

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