Amber necklace EM ceramic tick collar
Amber necklace EM ceramic tick collar
Amber necklace EM ceramic tick collar
Amber necklace EM ceramic tick collar

Natura Animale

Amber necklace EM ceramic tick collar

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Size 25cm

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The amber necklaces are lovingly handcrafted from 100% natural amber in a small factory in Munich.
Amber contains natural, essential oils that unfold when rubbed against the dog's coat. On the one hand, static electricity is generated on the fur, so that pests such as ticks and fleas cannot survive. On the other hand, aromatic terpenes are released, which have a deterrent effect on parasites. Amber is a 100% natural product that does not pollute your dog and its environment with unpleasant, toxic chemicals and can provide good protection against vermin.

More and more dog owners are convinced of the power of nature!

The stones are threaded onto a strong thread and fitted with a practical plastic screw cap.
In order to stabilize the chain, the thread is additionally knotted after each stone and each EM pipe.
In addition, each EM pipe is surrounded by two coconut beads.
Since the safety of your dog is very important to Natura Animale, each chain has a predetermined breaking point. You will receive a certificate of authenticity from us with every amber necklace!

EM ceramic
This necklace is supplemented with EM ceramic beads, which can protect your dog from ticks and fleas. EM is the abbreviation for "effective microorganisms", which transmit regenerative information and vibrations to their wearer and keep annoying bugs away. About every two weeks it is recommended to clean the clay tubes, also known as "pipes", under warm running water. or the chain can be recharged in the sun or under infrared light.

Since it is a real handwork and a natural product, the product images are only used as an example and may vary slightly.
After receipt of payment, the amber necklaces are made by hand in your desired length and are therefore non-returnable as they are custom-made.

Delivery time 1-3 working days

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