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Thoughts about the creation, inspiration and vision of a company with a lot of passion and empathy for our family dogs and their people.

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Once upon a time?

Or is it? You probably know enough stories about dogs and how you got a taste for better style through your four-legged friend. We don't want to bore you with them, but get straight to the point. If you welcome a dog in your family today, you can hardly find your way through the jungle of offers around the dog. At least that's how it was for us at the time. Well, since we like good design in addition to functionality, which is also of the best quality and still fair and ecologically produced, it was not easy to find our favorite products.

The idea of TheOtherWalk was born from these experiences. For those people among you who tick like us. For those who want only the best for their dogs, so that they can live their lives as carefree as possible.

Since we have been involved in animal welfare for years, it was clear to us from the beginning that we would support various organizations with TheOtherWalk within our means. You can find out more about this at AnotherWalk*3.

But we also want to be honest with you. TheOtherWalk is not a non-profit organization, and we also have to think economically to ensure our survival. But we do what we can. That is our promise to you.

Ben und Elia. Beide lieben schöne Hundebetten, Hundehalsbänder und Hundespielzeug.

Ben Boltner, co-founder

"Beautiful and sustainable."

For me, this is not a contradiction. When I became a dog owner of our Elia a year ago, I realized that this is not so easy with dog accessories. That's why I'm so happy to be part of TheOtherWalk - here I find exactly what I was looking for back then. Beautiful, useful and sustainable dog products for our common (dog) life.

Roberta & Tobias Zingg, co-founders

"Because we love what we do."

Founder ofStadtlandkind.ch.
The Other Walk is for us the logical consequence of our existing online store for the whole family. We treat the dog as a family member on TheOtherWalk with the same esteem with which we treat our product selection at Stadlandkind.ch curate.

Co-Founder Michael, der schönes Hundezubehör liebt, mit Tao, der das Hundefutter von napani zu Fressen gern hat.

Michael Noser, co-founder

"Just run."

My dog Tao and I agree as we often do. This is the best solution for everything in life. One beautiful morning we did just that and that is now TheOtherWalk for us.

Bei der Auswahl von unseren Hundemäntel und Hundehalsbänder, legen wir grosssen Wert auf hochwertige Materialien.