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The Trogolo is a modern interpretation of the classic water trough.

The outdoor model made of concrete offers your best friend a perfectly shaped, stable drinking source, visually enriches any garden and guarantees easy handling: simply let it rain completely or refill it with the watering can.

The asymmetrically beveled inner edges allow easy access even for smaller dogs. Trogolo is food-safe and features a deeply embossed MiaCara logo.

Design: MiaCara Design Team

Size overview

The Trogolo water trough is available in one size.

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44 x 22 x 10 cm (L x W x H), weight: approx. 10 kg

approx. 4 liter capacity


Bowl: concrete


The concrete trough is made from a special concrete especially for outdoor use.

According to the Institute for Environmental Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, the concrete used to manufacture our water trough meets the hygienic requirements for cement-bound materials in the drinking water sector and is therefore suitable for this purpose without hesitation.

Concrete is a natural material: small air pockets in the surface structure, recognizable material layers and different shades of gray are due to the material and production and do not represent a defect. On the contrary: concrete lovers appreciate the resulting uniqueness of their individual workpiece.

Concrete develops a patina over time because use leaves marks. Surfaces can become discolored and edges can become worn. For many, this is the special charm of this material.

After stripping, each workpiece is sealed and impregnated with a special product (safe for foodstuffs according to LGA). This largely prevents water, oil and grease from penetrating and causing stains. So dirt remains on the surface where it can be easily wiped off. If the dirt is more serious, it is best to clean it with a neutral cleaner without added acids (not even citrus cleaners).

Please change the water regularly to avoid algae formation. You can easily pour out the water by lifting the trough on one side. You can easily clean the trough and refill it with water using the garden hose or watering can. Larger dirt can be removed with a brush.

Trogolo is not frost resistant and must be kept indoors in winter. Damage from frost cannot be ruled out.

Delivery time 1-3 working days

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