Grandma's garden (organic menu)
Grandma's garden (organic menu)
Grandma's garden (organic menu)
Grandma's garden (organic menu)


Grandma's garden (organic menu)

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We are carried by the vision of a better world - for the benefit of all living beings on this planet. Our solution is a world-conscious diet: with lots of vegetables, healthy fruit, essential vitamins and valuable minerals . Together with our vet, we at napani have developed this extremely delicious vegan menu for your dog. With ingredients of the highest quality and made in Germany.

  • world-conscious: only with vegan ingredients, if possible from the region
  • naturally cooked gently
  • Produced CO² neutral
  • from pure organic farming
  • good for your dog, the (Around) - World and all living things!
  • low in purine

Our vegan organic menus are also ideal for an elimination diet!

Nowadays, allergies are very common in dogs. The symptoms can express themselves in different ways, eg skin problems and gastrointestinal complaints. If you suspect that your darling is suffering from a food intolerance, an elimination diet is the most sensible and accurate way. In the food that you have been feeding so far, so to speak, every component can be the trigger of the intolerance. Your pet's immune system fights with a defensive reaction against protein molecules that the body classifies as "foreign substances". The most common triggers for allergies are animal proteins (often poultry, beef) and/or plant sources such as grain or soy.

Regardless of whether you are on an elimination diet or a purely plant-based diet, at least one of our organic vital oils and vital additives should be used.


30.0% ORGANIC millet
27.5% broth
21.0% ORGANIC chickpeas
6.0% ORGANIC pumpkin
6.0% ORGANIC spinach
6.0% organic linseed
2.0% ORGANIC coconut oil
0.8% ORGANIC psyllium
0.5% ORGANIC rose hips
0.2% algae lime

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