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Pure beef (pure meat 100%) (size) 400g

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Pure beef (pure meat 100%):

We believe in a better world and the well-being of all living things on this planet.

Our solution is a world-conscious diet: with lots of vegetables, healthy fruit,

vital vitamins, valuable minerals and (only) a third

best organic meat.

  • Ingredients from the region if possible
  • from purely organic farming
  • of course gently cooked
  • Manufactured in a CO² neutral manner
  • good for your dog, the (environment) world and all living things!

Mix our napani organic BEEF PURE (1) with our napani MIX and you're done! Organic basic feed (2) ,
- or with fresh vegetables and e.g. B. Rice - the valuable napani MIX & done! Organic vital oil mixtures (3)
and napani MIX & done! Vital additives (4) .


100% organic beef (65% muscle meat, 25% heart, 10% lung)

Green-lipped mussel powder (vital additive):

Feed lovingly, of course. So that you have the opportunity to respond to the individual needs of your loved one.

Our napani green-lipped mussel powder provides your four-legged friend with valuable vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. In addition, its high glycosaminoglycan content can have a strengthening effect on the structure of the joints. Green-lipped mussels are a natural source of taurine and are therefore a natural and useful dietary supplement for cats!

The composition brings the best organic minerals into your furry friend's food.

Already knew?

The napani green-lipped mussel powder comes from sustainable aquaculture in New Zealand!

analytical components

Crude protein


Raw ash


Crude fiber


Crude fat


Helper organic (vital oil mixture):

Our precious organic vital oil HELFERLEIN can promote the well-being of your pet.
It can also help keep uninvited guests such as parasites away from the fur and body.

  • with valuable ingredients
  • from pure organic farming
  • carefully and gently cold pressed
  • made in an Allgäu mill

It's all about the right mix : A balanced, varied diet is the best thing for your pet.
That's why we recommend adding our health-promoting Mix & Ready every day! Organic vital oil mixtures for dog meals.

Organic black cumin oil, organic oregano oil, organic garlic oil

Average energy and nutrient content per 100g: calorific value 3700 kj / 900 kcal

Fat 100.0g

hereof: saturated fatty acids


monounsaturated fatty acids


polyunsaturated fatty acids


Carbohydrates 0g / Protein 0g / Salt 0g

Delivery time 1-3 working days

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